When we talk about Christmas we talk about family, we talk about friends and we talk about food.

But admit it; Christmas movies are just as important a part of the festive equation. And as with most things in life, wine can make them even better. Before you head for the couch, here are our suggestions for the movies and bottles that go together best.

The Nightmare Before Christmas & a Côtes du Rhône10-facts-you-didn-t-know-about-nightmare-before-christmas-677253

Who doesn’t love Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas? It manages to combine Christmas and goth and somehow make them both cool. That means that it needs something dark, something classic but something that’s still just a little fun; aka something red from Côtes du Rhône.

Home Alone & ProseccoLitle-Macaulay-Culkin-Home-Alone-Movie-e1415530992717

You’ll need something as cheeky and energetic as a young Macaulay Culkin. Prosecco should do just fine.

Love Actually & Champagne Rosé

This is maybe the quintessential romantic Christmas movie, starring pretty much every famous and not-so-famous British actor around. It’s sweet, bubbly and it’s big; what else would you pair it with other than a Champagne Rosé?

The Grinch & RieslingThe-Grinch-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-32958571-1777-1179

Something that brings to mind the snowy, windswept mountains of the movie would be ideal… so why not a crisp Riesling from Germany? A country known for its cool wine regions and the dry, quaffable wine that is its signature.

Elf & Cabernet Sauvignonelf

It’s a Will Ferrell movie, the most straight up comedy on the list, and it deserves something big, bold and even a little brash; something a little fruity.

A Charlie Brown Christmas & ChardonnayA-Charlie-Brown-Christmas-image

People have called this Snoopy-filled adventure an anti-commercialization Christmas classic. Simple and fun with something more serious and complex just underneath the surface; sounds like Chardonnay to us.

Miracle on 34th Street & MerlotMiracle on 34th Street

Cheesy and heart-warming enough to feel like a big hug from Santa Claus himself; and what does Merlot feel like if not a big hug in a glass.

The Muppet Christmas Carol & Champagnemuppet christmas carol

Because come on; by time you get to the big finale, no Christmas movie feels more like a party than The Muppet Christmas Carol.

It’s a Wonderful Life & Pinot NoirIts-a-Wonderful-Life

This one’s old. Like black and white old. But it’s also a classic, the story of a man who has a pretty miserable life until it all comes together around Christmas time. It’s a warm and fuzzy tale told with a lot of class. And what wine is more warm and classy than a Pinot Noir?

So there you have it. You’ve got the wines, you’ve got the movies… it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

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