If you’re anything like us, there’s a pretty good chance that you overdid it on banquets, greasy Chinese New Year treats and maybe evena little baijiu.

That’s all fair enough; it’s a time of indulgence. But now, a lot of you probably have detoxing on the mind. And while we’re not going towade in to the “is wine healthy, is wine unhealthy?” debate right now, we can give you a few pointers on how wine can actually help out a healthy, start-of-the-year lifestyle.


Know your wine’s calories

Red Wine Glass And Glass Of BeerYes, like everything good, wine contains calories, and knowing how many are in your glass could help you drink healthier. Here’s the general, very basic rule. High alcohol generally also means high calories; so does sugar. Makes sense. Hey, at least it has less calories than beer.


…and your food’s

OK, obviously low fat diets are part of your detox plan already. But for serious wine drinkers, the perfect pairings will pose problems; we’re often talking about things like cheese and red meat, fish and seafood if you’re lucky. Try pairing your whites and sparkling with bites of fresh fruit instead, or your reds with richly seasoned grilled vegetables.


Size matters

Half full wine glasses on table on light backgroundAt least when it comes to servings. One way to get yourself drinking a more moderate amount of wine is to stop filling the glass as far as it will go and start going for a standard pour, which for the record is around 5oz/15cl (oraround a fifth of the bottle).


Don’t drink before you eat

… and no, not just because it’ll soak up the booze and let you to better controlyour buzz. Really, it’s because drinking wine before a meal will only serve toincrease to your appetite and lead to the kind of overindulgence you’re trying to avoid. Start drinking with your meal and you won’t have the same problem.


Drink water

Glass of water on a table in a restaurant… obviously!


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