Everybody loves Champagne, and right now is the perfect time of year to be enjoying it. The problem is, when you’ve gotten hold of a bottle of the really good stuff, how can you know you’re making the most of it?

Well, we’re here to help.

Impressing a Date

You know what makes a date better? Champagne. And you know what makes a date even better than that? Really fancy Champagne.

Gifting Your Boss


They say that money can’t buy you love, but good Champagne can definitely buy you some favor at the office. Which is just as important, obviously. It might sting a little, but hey… guanxi is guanxi.

Impressing Guests on Christmas Eve

Christmas is about sharing, about getting together with loved ones. But its also about good food and drink! If you can show off a little while you’re enjoying all that merriment, then why not?

New Years Eve

Because even if your boss doesn’t deserve it, a brand new year surely does, right?

Meeting Your In-Laws

If there’s ever a time for spending a little more on alcohol than you usually would, it’s when trying to make a good impression on those pesky in-laws. And if the going gets rough, you might as well be drinking through the awkwardness with the finest booze you can get your hands on.

Now that you know the best ways to drink more-than-your-average Champagne, take note; we’re soon to have some of our own!

From Thursday, 24 December in Shanghai we’ll be stocking a limited number of bottles of de Venoge Princes. It’s an acclaimed, prestigious and most importantly delicious line that dates back to the 19th Century when it was made especially for the Dutch Royal Family; it was recently re-launched, in limited supplies, to give a select few lucky wine-lovers the chance to taste real luxury.

And we’ve got some! This is some seriously good and seriously high-end Champagne, the kind of wine that not just everybody gets to sample. Keep your eye on the BottlesXO app for the new bottles, coming soon; click here to download. 

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