Champagne can seem a little tricky to pair with with food, but it can actually be surprisingly simple.

There are two basic ways; you should either pick a food that complements the texture of the Champagne, or a food that counters the wine’s acidity with it’s richness, allowing the bubbly to cut through it.

Here are five ideas to get you started next time you need to celebrate and/or indulge.


Sushi nigiri

Not many wines pair with sushi, but Champagne is one of those that can work. It’s the raw, fat-rich fish that works best; a relatively light Champagne can cut through the mild flavors without overpowering them, but also just slightly cut the richness of fatty tuna, salmon and horse mackerel.



Another fatty yet mild bite that blends excellently with a less intense Champagne. The subtle yet rich flavors of cuts like prosciutto work well. If you’re aiming for something with more heft, certain cuts of Iberico ham can pair surprisingly nicely with vintage Champagnes. Either way, it’s a perfect indulgent aperitiv.



It’s true! But before you start celebrating,  which cheese you choose to pair should depend on the Champagne. Lighter blends can only really handle softer, milder cheeses ; fresh goats cheese is a good look. But it’s with vintage Champagnes that you can really get in to it and start pairing with richer cheeses like parmigiano.



This is one for vintages only. Not only do vintage Champagnes go together on a conceptual level, (they’re fancy!), but their flavors do too. The richer, more complex flavors of the old stuff are a perfect match for the dense earthiness of truffles.



You might think that Champagne and red meat shouldn’t work; but again, if you’re craving bubbly and something rich, vintages can come to the rescue. An old, aged Champagne can cut through the heaviness of richer meats like venison and duck. Even sweet, rich accompaniments, like cranberry sauce, can work too.

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